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About the company

The company has been operating on the Serbian market since 2015 and has so far achieved cooperation with numerous renowned companies in both Serbia and the surrounding countries.

Complete service

Company Penta Ge.Co. provides a complete service in the construction of the facility, analyzing the needs of the client and respecting the purpose of the facility. Since the creation of the idea to the realization
of the whole project, our priority is quality construction, with the fulfillment of all the parameters
set by the client (functionality, appearance, purpose, as well
as the utilization of space).

Our team

One of the biggest qualities of the company Penta Ge.Co. is our team comprised of numerous engineers of various professions and architects for both performance and design works. The company pays great attention to the improvement of employees and fostering a good working atmosphere. Every new project
is a new challenge to which absolute dedication is given.


We proceed from the fact that quality has no price,
respecting the prescribed standards and financial aspects, reducing the potential risks and increasing the efficiency of construction.


Our vision is that Penta Ge.Co. Construction becomes a synonym for a reliable partner in the construction of a residential, business or commercial facility, a company that is ready to respond to the modern requirements of the user, not deviating from the view that quality has no alternative

Our team is here to offer you a modern and safe construction method, meeting the requirements for impeccable functionality and security. The cost of success is hard work, commitment to work and the determination to do our best in every project task. 

As a general contractorbased on turn-key concept,we offer the production of financial projections, obtaining technical documentation and necessary permits, as well as the construction and supervision of the facility until the moment of handing over the keys.

Conceptual design (CD)

The conceptual design determines the purpose, position, shape, capacity, technical-technological and functional characteristics as well as the appearance of the facility. Also, the basic requirements for the facility are clearly demonstrated.

Construction permit design (CPD)

defines the position and capacity of the facility on location, functionality, spatial design, selection and dimensioning of the construction system, selection of construction materials, equipment and installations. It insures the fulfillment of location conditions and basic requirements.

Detailed design (DD)

Detailed design implies the elaboration of details and technological solutions that are specified by the construction permit design. It includes the investment value of the facility, detailed designs for construction, finishing, installation and other works.

Project of the derived object (PDO)

The project of the constructed object is being made for the purpose of obtaining a building permit, use and maintenance of the building and for all buildings for which a building permit is obtained according to the provisions of the law. The project of the derived object is the main project with changes made during the construction of the building. It is not subject to technical control, except when it is produced for the purpose of legalizing objects.